• 25 - 27 june 2019
  • Centro Citibanamex


  • Visitors must be involved directly and professionally in Import, import and freight transport.
  • Attendees must present an official ID and a card in used issued by the company where are working.
  • Anyone obtaining a CWA-Expo Carga visitor, press or exhibitor badge by theft, deception or other illegal means will be asked to leave CWA-Expo Carga.
  • Badge holders must not allow their badges to be worn by anyone else. Any failure is likely to lead to the badge holder and the person wearing the badge being required to leave CWA-Expo Carga and being refused further admission.
  • Persons younger than 18 are not allowed access to the event. Likewise, there are no childcare services on-site.
  • The organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to students.
  • Event´s dress code is formal business wear, it is recommended that men wear a jacket and tie.
  • CWA-Expo Carga, visitors are not allowed to distribute leaflets, carry out demonstrations, sell products or services, activities objectionable conduct or do any other actions that may disrupt the event.
  • Computer equipment must be registered in event entrances. It is important to consider the organizer is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of the same, so we recommend keeping belongings always under surveillance.
  • CWA-Expo Carga organizers are not responsible for attendee accidents that might have during the event.
  • • Official CWA-Expo Carga photographers will be taking photographs and filming videos at CWA-Expo Carga. Anyone attending ICOMEX consents to such photography and filming without compensation and confirms that the Organisers shall be entitled to use such photographs and videos, which may include photographs and videos of visitors, for the purpose of marketing CWA-Expo Carga in future, for exploitation in any and all media, without liability.
  • By allowing your badge to be scanned, you consent to the information you submitted on your registration document being given to that company so they may contact you in the future. Data about which companies scan your badge may be used by the organiser of this event for analytical purposes.
  • The organizers reserve the right to exclude the from event who do not meet the entry requirements, as well as withdraw the badge to any attendee who violates these policies during its event stay.
  • Any event not covered by the present policies will be resolved by the organizing committee.
  •  More info: info@expo-carga.com